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About H&S Cabinet Shop, Inc.

wood-cabnits-countertopsH&S Cabinet Shop was started by Phil Holcomb in 1994. The business began in the front yard of Phil’s parent’s house – Roy and Jeanne Holcomb! When his passion for woodworking became profitable, he decided it was time to do it right. They then built a small shop outside their house all the while growing at a successful rate. A local cabinet maker was closing his doors, so they decided to lease the building and buy the equipment. In 2004, H&S Cabinet Shop became incorporated as the demand for his business grew. In 2008, Phil bought a building in Fayetteville, TN and relocated the shop.

Phil’s enterprise started as a hobby in his front yard and now has turned into a profitable business with a little over 20,000 square feet under roof. The quality he demands in his cabinet shop is the quality he wants to provide all of his customers no matter who they are! We welcome everybody to the experience of the H&S family business!

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H&S Cabinet Shop, Inc.
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